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IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organisational operations. All need to run applications, store and process data and therefore almost all have a data centre of sorts, whether it is housed in a colocation facility, the cloud or dedicated site.

Every sector of the economy whether it be public sector, financial services, utilities, retail, telecommunications, technology, corporates and SMEs relies on data centres either directly or indirectly. Indeed the majority of the population from a personal perspective are now highly reliant on data centres.

What is a data centre? It is a dedicated space used to house computers and associated equipment, such as telecommunication and storage systems.

The internet economy represents 8% of GDP in the UK and data processing and storage will continue to grow exponentially for the foreseeable future. Whilst most organisations see data centres as critical infrastructure, and the challenges around this, others see data centres as an opportunity for property investment, wholesale & retail colocation businesses, construction and much more.

Complex and fast changing environments & markets mean data centre clients from all perspectives need more than stand alone advice from single disciplined experts. The challenges of data centres involve a combination of issues which merit distinct, specialist and joined up advice applicable to all aspects of the facility, including Technology, Strategy, Real estate, Risk, Finance, Tax, Sustainability and Procurement.

Deloitte has established a reputation for outstanding quality and breadth of business advisory services across all industry sectors. We are the only independent firm providing a holistic data centre advisory service. Our expertise is seamlessly brought together from across the entire Deloitte business.

We provide a wide range of specialist data centre services that can be selected to suit your specific requirements.

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